October 15, 2019

Case Strategies

To start, I always tell people up front that in order to win your seizure disability claim, you have to be able to show Social Security how your seizure disorder prevents you from being able to work.  It is not enough to simply prove that you suffer from seizure disorder; you must really elaborate on how your seizures limit your abilities to perform even simple, unskilled work.  In other words, you must be able to translate your medical condition into specific work limitations.  These limitations are the bread and butter of a winning case.

Choose a Winning Strategy

There are several strategies that attorneys use to prove that you are disabled according to Social Security’s standards.  These include:

1) The Listing Strategy

2) The Functional Capacity Strategy

3) The Grid Rules Strategy (not applicable in seizure disorder cases)

In a seizure case, the Grid Rules strategy does not apply – you should focus instead on the listing strategy or the functional capacity stragtegy, or both at the same time 1.

It is important to keep in mind that the strategies can often be combined, meaning that you can present to Social Security more than one argument as to why you are disabled.  To understand how this works, however, you have to understand how each individual strategy works.  Please visit the individual case strategy pages for details on the 2 effective case strategies for winning a disability claim based on seizure disorder.

  1. Although the Grid Rules strategy does not apply in seizure disorder cases, you can read more about it at the GridRules.net web site