April 20, 2018

Epilepsy in children may impair cognitive development, study suggests

Unlike many other chronic diseases that develop later in life, epilepsy often begins occurring in early childhood.  After a child develops epilepsy, he or she may have recurrent seizures for the rest of his or her life ranging from mild […]

New seizure research looks deeper into causes of seizures

What if everything you knew about a disease was wrong, or at the very least, a little off the mark?  What if, however, this incorrect information led to a possible new treatment and cure for your illness?  This may be […]

General Tips for Winning a Seizure Disability Case

If you experience petit mal seizures, is that considered a “listing” disease by Social Security’s standards? In other words, if you experience seizures, can you automatically qualify for Social Security Disability benefits by meeting a listing? This is a question […]

Natural silk brain implant might potentially benefit epilepsy patients

One of the most difficult aspects of having a naturally occurring chronic condition such as epilepsy is that you are often subjected to unnatural treatment options. Many individuals rely on medications or even undergo surgeries on their brains to alleviate […]

Seizure Disability.com is now on twitter!

I just wanted to let our readers know that Seizure Disability.com is now on twitter. Please click on the icon to the left to visit our twitter page and keep up with the latest news on seizures and Social Security […]

Brain Protein Associated With Epilepsy Responsible for Heart Irregularities, Sudden Death

Many people who live with a chronic condition such as epilepsy – which has no cure – can often testify to the fact that they also suffer from other health problems associated with the condition.  It is thought that whatever […]

Drinking while pregnant may lead to the development of epilepsy in the child

For years, women have been warned about the dangers of consuming alcohol while pregnant. Studies have shown that even a moderate amount of drinking while pregnant can lead to an array of health problems for the baby, including fetal alcohol […]

Epilepsy Awareness Week Kicks Off Today

In an effort to raise public awareness for epilepsy, March 23 through March 27 has been designated as Epilepsy Week by the Epilepsy Foundation.  There are numerous activities scheduled, and even if you are unable to attend a scheduled event, […]

Initial testing on new oral treatment for epilepsy shows promise

Last week we discussed Medtronic’s new brain stimulation device for the treatment of epilepsy and how it was going before an advisory panel for the Food and Drug Administration. The panel supported the use of the device for some epileptic […]

FDA panel meets today to discuss the Medtronic brain stimulator for use in epilepsy patients

Those living with epilepsy and other seizure disorders will have to wait a little longer to find relief with Medtronic’s brain stimulator.  The stimulator is akin to a pacemaker that is placed in the chest and sends pulses to the […]